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Dear Friend,

Finally, some good news amongst all the doom and gloom…

If you have ANY interest in Forex trading, or simply want to find a genuine way to make money from home, then I urge you to keep reading…

Right now I’d like to introduce you to a proven tool that allows you to legally spy on what the forex professionals are really doing in the markets and use that information to make a potentially life-changing extra income.

Even better, you can do this

  • In just a few minutes each day at times that suit you
  • Without having to learn complex charts or indicators…
  • And yet make a potential £375, £750 or even £1,875 PER WEEK from ‘set and forget’ trades.

I’ll explain EVERYTHING you need to know in a moment.

First let me introduce myself.

My name is Nick Laight.

I’ve been in the financial publishing industry for close to 30 years. Back in the 1990s I was managing editor of Penny Share Guide, Stockmarket Confidential and The Fleet Street Letter amongst many others.

In 2000, I helped launch The Daily Reckoning UK – the first daily financial email newsletter.

Since 2003 I’ve dedicated my professional life to publishing breakthrough financial trading strategies covering everything from commodities and stocks to indices and even crypto.

And yet, by far the most popular market people want to trade is forex.

But there is a BIG problem…

You see, despite what all the trading gurus, brokers and bloggers would have you believe, making money from forex is INCREDIBLY HARD!

Just take a look at the latest results from the most popular UK spread betting brokers:

As you can see, even with the ‘best’ performing broker – FXCM – only 37% of their clients’ trading accounts are in profit.

But it gets worse…

A long-term study conducted by a team at Berkeley University reveals a disturbing truth:

  • An incredible 40% of retail forex traders give up after just one month
  • Eight out of 10 quit within the first two years
  • After five years… only 7% are left.

And here’s the most depressing fact of all:

Only 1.6% of all Forex traders make a profit over the long term

So why do 98.4% of forex traders
LOSE over the long term?

The ugly truth is, powerful insiders are using misinformation and ‘legal’ price fixing to fool us into taking the wrong trades.

How on earth can the regulators turn a blind eye to what is essentially a form of insider dealing?

The answer: the forex market is simply TOO BIG TO FAIL.

The annual global forex market is worth a mind-boggling


That’s more than DOUBLE the global GDP!

If the market stopped trading for even a few days the global economy and international trade would grind to a halt.

Banks would close their doors.

Businesses would fail.

And stock markets would implode, wiping trillions off the value of shares.

No wonder the forex insiders are left alone to do their thing.

But this isn’t some victimless crime.

As usual, it’s the innocent outsiders who suffer.

As usual, millions of ordinary people out of pocket is seen as the acceptable cost for the survival of the global economy.

It’s no different to the way the energy companies fleece hard-working people by hiking gas and electricity prices while they enjoy record profits.

Right now is not the time or the place to worry about the ethics of how the financial elite exploit ordinary people to line their pockets.

Instead, I want to give you a way to win in a market where the odds are normally stacked against you.

Today I’d like to introduce you to a truly revolutionary trading tool that helps you to avoid the traps set by the forex insiders… and the real chance to make consistent profits over the long term.

It’s called NexusFX.

Here’s why it could change your forex fortunes forever…

  • Minimal Screen Time – once a possible trade alert is identified you’ll be sent an alert to your screen and smartphone
  • You never have to rush! – unlike most day trading strategies where you have minutes in which to act, you get hours of advance notice of the potential trade
  • There are no complex charts or indicators to master
  • With one click NexusFX identifies – your potential entry,take profit and stop loss levels
  • You can trade at times that suit you (morning, afternoon or evening) – so it doesn’t matter if you work days, nights or shifts
  • You can use set and forgettrades to open and close automatically – this takes minutes and allows you to get on with your life.

As you can see, NexusFX completely rewrites the trading rulebook – blowing away everything you’ve been told is needed to profit from currency trading.

There’s no charting ‘mumbo jumbo’ or complex indicators to interpret. You’ll never be left wondering when to get into or out of a trade… and your screen time is kept to a minimum.

All the hard work is done for you.

In fact, all you need is a few minutes each day.

And yet, despite this ‘hands-free’ approach, I believe it has the raw potential to make you more money with less effort than any other forex trading strategy out there.

Even with a modest £2 per pip stake you could be banking £3,125 per month TAX-FREE

But don’t take my word for it.

You can try out this amazing tool for the next 30 days without risk or obligation.

First, it’s essential that I explain what’s really going on in the forex market, why millions of home-based traders are doomed from the start…

…and how NexusFX turns the tables and allows you to win.

So let me ask you this:

Despite having access to all these indicators, strategies and high-priced training courses, why do 98% of forex traders end up losing?

Precisely because the insiders use MISINFORMATION and PRICE-FIXING to fool people into taking the wrong trades.

Think about it this way…

In the movie Wall Street, the ruthless asset stripper Gordon Gecko (played by Michael Douglas) announced:

It’s the same story with forex trading.

The insiders win at the expense of the outsiders.

In fact they need you and millions of other private traders to lose in order for them to make money!

If you have ever traded forex, then you will recognise one of their classic traps…

How often have you placed a trade and for it to start moving in your favour… but then it suddenly reverses and takes out your stop loss leaving you with a losing trade…

Worse still, once you are out of the trade, the market snaps back and resumes in the original direction?

And that’s EXACTLY what NexusFX was created for – to alert you to when the professionals are fixing the market and when they are releasing it for real.

To understand why NexusFX is such a game-changer for traders, let’s take a closer look at what the insiders are doing…

How To Spot When The
Forex Market is Rigged

The global forex market is run by insiders known as MARKET MAKERS.

It’s their job to make sure the $5.3 TRILLION DOLLARS a day market runs smoothly.

They earn a commission each time they buy or sell on behalf of their clients (usually traders at banks and other big financial institutions.)

And in order to buy and sell at the best prices, they have to do it without letting the 4 million private traders know what they are really up to.

Like all insiders, the Market Makers have access to information that’s unavailable to outsiders.

They know which way the market will move in the future, but keep this secret for as long as possible.

They also know where private traders (ie: you and me) set their stop losses.

And for their ‘game’ to run smoothly, they manipulate us into trading at the wrong time.

Here’s how they do it:

Look at any forex chart and you will see at certain points the market trades sideways in a narrow channel.

Like this:

A tight trading range is a classic sign that the market is getting ready for what’s known as a breakout. In other words, the market is about to shoot up (or down) once it ‘breaks out’ of this sideways move.

Here’s a closer look:

But it’s all part of the Market Makers’ cunning plan to wrong-foot retail traders!

Knowing that millions of traders are looking for signs of a breakout, the Market Makers create fake news – they allow the market to break out just enough to make outsiders think it’s real…

How the insiders trick you
into trading too soon

The Market Makers know that as soon as traders see any significant move out of the channel – either up or down – they’ll pile in, hoping to profit from what they believe is a genuine breakout.

But just when it looks like their trade will be profitable…

…the Market Makers use their financial muscle to nudge the market in the opposite direction…

…just enough to trigger stop losses.

They might pull the same trick two or three times to make sure they can buy up the market at the best prices.And the Market Makers do this again and again – multiple times each day.

Thats why trying to predict a breakout is pure gambling… unless you know what the insiders know.

They keep the timing and direction of the next breakout SECRET until they’re ready to cash in for real.

Once they’ve got as many outsiders to jump in and lose, they then release the market for real.

If you’re starting to worry this is all a bit too complicated – relax!

You DONT need to know any of this to make money.

NexusFX is specifically designed to do all the complex calculations and find trades based upon what the insiders are really doing.

It identifies where the Market Makers are pausing the market and when they are sending out the fake news and manipulating the prices.

Best of all, it tells you EXACTLY when the insiders have let the market go.

Using the magic MONEY LINE to
profit from genuine breakouts

To put the odds of a winning trade firmly in our favour, we need to know when the insiders have stopped rigging the market and are piling in.

And we do this by waiting for the market to break through the NexusFX ‘Money Line’.

This is the point where the market makers stop the fake breakouts and allow the market to take off for real.

(I won’t bore you with how the Money Line is calculated, but it is based on certain key price and order levels that the insiders use as a basis to execute their trades.)

All that really matters is that once the market breaks through the Money Line, there is a VERY high probability (70-80%) that the market will continue in that direction for another 50-150 PIPS OR MORE before pausing again.

And thats where NexusFX helps you
to grab 20-30 pips profit from
these everyday moves

Once the real breakout startsall you have to do is follow it!

The NexusFX software automatically alerts you that the Money Line has been broken and the profit opportunity has started.

Its like getting a thumbs up from one of the insiders that you should get in!

But don’t worry, this isn’t some ‘blink and you’ll miss it’ move.

The new trend can take hours or even a whole trading day to complete before pausing again.

This means you always have plenty of time between getting an alert and setting up your trade.

And while the overall move could easily be up to 150 or more pips, we just want to nip in and take out 20-30 pips.

That’s why you don’t have to rush or worry about missing out.

This same cycle repeats again and again – each time offering you the chance to make 20-30 pips on a regular basis.

All you need to know is this:

Once a trade is confirmed, you’ll be sent an alert to your mobile. (This is easy to set up and we will walk you through it when you join).

You then go to your screen and look for one of the following:

The direction doesn’t matter – it’s just as easy to set up a trade to profit either way.

All you do is click ONE BUTTON and NexusFX INSTANTLY reveals exactly where to enter, exit and your all-important stop loss.

This is ALL the info you need to make a ‘set and forget’ trade in minutes, allowing you to get on with your day.

Amazing, right?

Now before I reveal how much you could potentially make from these ‘set and forget’ alerts, let me introduce you to the genius who created NexusFX.

His name is Jason Alexander.

Maybe you’ve come across him before.

He’s the creator of a string of hugely popular trading strategies including Money Line, Renko Trader, Forex Fightback, MobileFX and AutoFX.

These hugely popular strategies have won him a loyal army of super fans since 2008:

“When it comes to trading systems,
you are the man.” Marie

“I’ve binned all the other
systems.” Trevor

“You have really made a change in my
life. Thank you so much”  Bill

(There are plenty more testimonials here)

Each of his strategies focused on different aspects of the tricks the insiders use to fix the market against ordinary traders.

And each one offered home-based traders the chance to profit by tracking the insider deals.

However, a few years ago, Jason decided to bring together EVERY breakthrough, EVERY profit angle and EVERY insider trick he’d uncovered over the previous 12 years… into a SINGLE user-friendly piece of software.

More, he wanted to make sure that anyone could use this trading tool:

  • Without spending hours at the screen each day…
  • Without having to learn complex charts or indicators…
  • And the freedom to trade quickly and at times that suit people with even the most busy lives.

The result is NexusFX.

I’ve known Jason since 2008 and have published all of his strategies.

And without doubt, NexusFX is his greatest creation.

Here’s what some of the lucky NexusFX followers have to say:

“It gave me the chance to earn £600 today…
it definitely beats my day job.”

Tony P

“[NexusFX] is by far the simplest system I’ve ever used…
I LOVE IT… my long and costly search is over and
my Family and Myself can enjoy retirement
thanks to his dedication to succeed.”

Bill S

I have made around 200 pips
profit in the last week.”

Michael O

Since installing the software I have followed
the signals activated by NexusFx…
[and] I am in profit by 70%

of my starting bank.”

Rashmi K

3 trades since the open this AM:
an easy 75 pips in it!


It’s a fantastic system – a tribute
to Jason’s years of knowledge”.

John C

Unfortunately, due to serious ill health, Jason retired back in 2020.

But thankfully for traders everywhere, he wanted to make sure that his ultimate strategy continued to help ordinary people achieve forex success.

I’m delighted to say he asked me and the team at Canonbury Publishing Ltd to carry on his great work.

Ok, now we’ve got all that out of the way, I’m sure you’ll want to know how much money you could make with Jason’s NexusFX.

Let me show you:

With just 25 pips a day you could end up making £93,750 a year tax-free!

Based on Jason’s own analysis and testing in real time and the reported results of those who have followed it… the typical return per currency pair (eg: $/Euro) is between 20-30 pips per day.

So let’s say you make an average 25 pips per day from each currency pair.

And you turn on the alerts from Monday to Friday.

So, from just one currency pair you could make 125 pips per week (25 pips per day X 5 days = 125 pips).

Staking £2 per point, youd net £250 per week.

Not bad, but the great thing about NexusFX is that once you are comfortable you can easily track multiple pairs without any extra work.

With 3 pairs you could bank
£750 every week tax-free! 

Remember, you only need to be at a screen once you get an alert… and only then to check the trade is on.

Realistically, that should take less than 10 minutes – more like 5 mins once you get the hang of it.

And there’s no need to rush.

You usually have a couple of hours (not minutes) to get to your screen and set up the trade.

Once done, you can walk away and get on with the rest of your day… knowing that the trade will open and close automatically.

So youre looking at a maximum screen time of 30 minutes per day to generate a potential £750 per week!

Want more? Then just get NexusFX to track extra currency pairs. (This is simply a matter of clicking a few boxes.)

Of course, the more pairs you follow, the more trade alerts you could be sent, and the more you will need to check your screen.

But then again, if you know that 70-80% of these alerts could turn into a tidy tax-free profit, I’m sure you won’t be that bothered spending a few extra minutes.

If you set NexusFX to follow 6 currency pairs…

Youd clear £1,500 a week!

Look NexusFX is designed to keep the time you spend at the screen actually trading to a minimum while simultaneously generating the greatest potential returns.

The best way to make a serious long term income, is to simply stick with a few currency pairs and increase your stake per pip.

For example, let’s say you set NexusFX to track only 3 pairs.

As you’ve seen, based on 25 pips per pair, per day, you could clear 375 pips per week.

At £1 per point, thats £375.

Over a month, you’d bank £1,562.

And based on trading 50 weeks in a year (you’ve got to have a couple of weeks holiday!)…

You’d be netting £18,750 TAX-FREE PER YEAR!

And here’s the cool bit…

As your bank grows, you can increase your stake (Jason recommends never risking more than 2% per trade).

At £2 per pip… your annual trading income would reach £37,500…

Thats the equivalent of £3,125 per month.

As I’ve said, there’s no need to be greedy.

That’s why I’m not going to make wild predictions based on you staking £10 or £20 per pip…

Yes it’s possible, but not necessary.

Once your bank reaches a size where you could stake £5 per pip you’d be banking…

£1,875 PER WEEK

£7,812 PER MONTH

£93,750 PER YEAR!

Right now, the forex markets are offering up even more potential winning trades.

With both trading volumes and volatility at elevated levels due to the impact of the war in Ukraine and rampant inflation, the insider manipulation has gone into overdrive… triggering even more profitable trading opportunities.

And right now NexusFX could be helping you to identify the pick of the best trades for you…

Now, before we get too carried away, never forget:

This is speculative trading.

The potential profits are huge, if you follow the rules and don’t get greedy.

But you must accept that you’ll have losing trades from time to time. As you saw earlier, the strike rate is around 70-80%.

And no matter how tempting all this is, NEVER trade with money you can’t afford to lose.

Whatever your starting bank size, we recommend you gain confidence by using a demo account first.

We also have a strict money management rule: never risk more than 2% of your bank on any individual trade. By limiting your downside risk, you protect your trading bank for the long term.

Now let me quickly sum up why reserving a risk-free trial copy of NexusFX should be a no-brainer:

  • This easy-to-use software allows you to spy on the currency markets – revealing the trading action that’s normally hidden from ‘outsiders’ and only trading when the insiders are cashing in
  • Huge Profit Potential – you could be banking an average 25 pips per day per currency pair! (As you’ve seen, following just 3 pairs with £2 per pip stakes, you could bank £750 per week… £3,125 per month… or even £37,500 a year all tax-free!)
  • There are no complex charts or indicators to master
  • With one click NexusFX identifies your potential entry point – take profit levels and advised stop loss positions
  • Trade at times that suit you (morning, afternoon or evening) – it doesn’t matter if you work days, nights or shifts…
  • Minimal Screen Time – once a possible trade alert is identified you’ll be sent an alert to your screen and smartphone
  • Relaxed Trading – you never have to rush! Unlike most day trading strategies where you have minutes in which to act, you get hours of advance notice of the potential trade
  • Use Set and Forgettrades to open and close automatically – takes minutes and allows you to get on with your life
  • Instant Access! – plug in and trade – get started the same day
  • Full Support – although NexusFX is easy to set up and run, you have access to the support team should you have ANY issues.
  • 30-Day Unconditional Refund Guarantee (more about that in a moment)

If you like what you’ve read so far, and are serious about trying this out, I urge you to secure your personal risk-free copy of NexusFX right now by clicking HERE.

But please don’t delay too long – we are only releasing a limited number of these risk-free trial copies.

If the response I’ve had in the run up to the release of NexusFX is anything to go by, the demand is going to be HUGE!

The good news is, if you are reading this, then the offer is live and you can still reserve yours today.

If you are interested, but need a little reassurance, I’ve got the perfect solution…

For your added peace of mind, Im
personally underwriting a 30-day
unconditional refund guarantee

It means you can try out NexusFX – get set up and start trading (you can demo trade if you want) – use the support team (if you really need them!)…

…and if it is not all that you hoped for (or for any reason) you can get a full refund of the course fee.

Claim your copy today and youll get full access to a plug-in-and-playtrading tool that allows you to profit again and again from the forex markets legal insider dealing.

Here’s what you’ll need to get the
best results from NexusFX

  • Minimum Starting Bank – we recommend a £1,000 minimum starting bank, but you could get started with as little as £500. Due to recent financial regulations (Esma), you can’t really trade effectively with any less.
  • PCs Only NexusFX is Windows-based and uses the standard MT4 platform which is offered by most brokers. It is easily uploaded and runs on PCs-only (sorry Mac users!). It is recommended you use a laptop or desktop.
  • Onscreen or smartphone – you can get alerts either sent directly to your mobile (optional) or on screen. This is easy and we will show you how.
  • Time – when you get an alert, you have plenty of time to get to check NexusFX – this is typically a few hours. And once at the screen, you may need a maximum 5-10 minutes initially (less once you get used to it).
  • A Little Patience – this is all about making a profit over the long term. So patience and avoiding greed are essential. Also, while the software is simple to use, there are a few basic rules that will ensure you get the best possible results.

If you’re chomping at the bit to try out this unique – and potentially never to be repeated – opportunity, then I urge you to get your hands on a risk-free copy of NexusFX right HERE.

How much would you expect to invest
in a wealth-building tool like this?

As you’ve seen, by following just three currency pairs, you’d clear a potential 375 pips per week.

At £1 per point, that’s £375.

Over a month, you’d clear £1,562.

At £2 per pip… you’d double your monthly profit to £3,125 and pull in as much as £37,500 tax-free over 12 months.

And all this would still take less than 30 minutes per day.

So only using NexusFX part-time could bring in an extra income… with very little effort on your part… for years to come.

Given the sheer bank-boosting potential of NexusFX, you could easily expect to pay £2,997(+VAT).

However, as we always strive to make our trading strategies accessible to as many people as possible we settled on £1,997(+VAT) as the official access fee.

But after discussing this with Jason, we have decided to deduct a further £1,000 off the official price, but only for this very limited release.

So it means all you need to invest for lifetime access is just £997(+VAT) 

That’s a one-time-only payment and not an annual subscription.

What’s more, if you prefer, you have the option to spread payments over four monthly instalments.

Either way you are full covered by the 30-day unconditional money back guarantee.

As you’ve seen, even at £1 per point, you could potentially easily cover your fee and be in profit within the 30-day risk-free trial.

OK, it’s decision time.

When you think about it, you have just three options:

OPTION 1: Continue as you are right now

You could keep on as you are…

Keep trading as if everything you have just learned about the rigged forex market was just a dream!

And, who knows? You might get lucky and win a few.

But the odds are stacked against you.

OPTION 2: Figure it out for yourself

Now that you know how the market really works, you could develop your own trading software.

If you don’t mind studying hard, spending more time at the screen, accepting it will take longer, face more setbacks and have to spend more time (and probably a lot more money through trial and error)…

Yes, you could pull it off. And I’d be the first to congratulate you!

Or you could take the easiest route…

OPTION 3: Let NexusFX do it all for you

Get rid of all the time and effort and stress that normally goes with forex trading…

And instead, let this proven tool do ALL the hard work for you…

Find the trades…

Alert you when they appear…

Tell you when to enter and exit…

And do it again and again…

But you need to act RIGHT NOW.

I can guarantee one thing you will miss out if you delay.

Remember, you can secure your risk-free trial copy of NexusFX and have the next 30 days to try it out for yourself without any commitment to continue.

Just click on the button below to get started.

Best Regards

Nick Laight
Proud Publisher

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