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“Wow I made over 100 pips today!! My best-ever trade – you are the best!! :-)) ;-))” 


“Best news my friend, made my biggest win to date, £390 in one trade!!!” 


“Hurrah 70 points on the euro, my biggest ever!!!!!! thanks” 


“I’ve made nearly £3K this week which by anyone’s standards is simply fantastic.”

“I have pulled in £300 @ £2 a point this morning (150 pips) and am very happy little man lol so all I can say is three cheers to Jason!” 


“My results have increased to something I really only thought was a pipe dream, I average around 150 pips per week increasing weekly… In the last two weeks I have done 12 trades with only 1 loss out of that 12 pocketing over 500 pips.” LW

In my first 4 weeks of trading I made 887 pips, which from a standing start was, by any standards, impressive.”  Rosie

“When it comes to trading systems, you are the man. I have every confidence in you.” Marie

“Your support is brilliant. You are one of the rare good guys, and I appreciate it.” Dan C

“No hype, no bull, just excellent training” Mike Edwards

“Straightforward, clear and rooted in common sense.” RS

“Excellent!! Makes me feel confident to trade”  LS

“Jason makes it enjoyable, interesting and understandable. Everything becomes clear when it is explained” PC

“I feel that Jason is very genuine and is personally interested in my success as a trader” HB

“Having investigated many other products, I find your down to earth style both refreshing and reassuring, particularly the way you do not fudge the issue about how many pips can REALISTICALLY be expected-but then I knew a Cleveland man would be a straight talker, keep up the good work … NC

“Jason is an excellent teacher…very rewarding and certainly an eye opener in methods of trading” WP

“Jason brings a complex subject down to simple basics making it easier to understand” KG

“Jason was a great teacher. He took his time to explain things” AR

“I must add Jason that the years I’ve been going round & round the internet site I was beginning to give up hope in meeting someone who speaks my language (so easy to understand) I feel being mentored by you is an honour.” 

Yours is the best course I’ve found. Congratulations on such a well put together set of info.

Jason is an excellent teacher! “It’s like you’ve taken the blind fold off me!!!
I’ve tried many a Forex system but yours in the week I’ve had it has been very impressive.
I’ve learnt a great deal and everything you say makes kinda sense and you seem to have sussed the markets out as much as anyone can.” 

“I feel in very good hands with Jason… he really does know his stuff.” P

“I have binned all the other systems now.” T

“You really are the business, excellent coaching 2nd to none. It’s been a 20 year dream to earn money as a trader, but never really took action.

Then I discovered you, I strongly suspect I will want to meet you and shake your hand, slap on the back and buy you a very expensive meal in the not so distant future.
“Anyway, I just consider myself fortunate to happen onto you as my trading mentor.” G

“Another fantastic day on zones I have stopped my own trades, zones are more profitable, more accurate and less stressful and gives less screen time. Good all round.”  ER

“Very good Friday… secure over 230 pips.”  R

“Did my first zone trade yesterday on GPBJPY… 60 pips, lovely, all down to your guidance.” PT

“A great start to the week 90 pips in the bag and doubled my bank today, so I will now be doubling my stake.” 

“Wow! what a brilliant start, 61 pips profit on the first trade.”  TF

I only started learning in January and I am very  
very impressed with the results  Absolutely Fabulous.

“Today 4 winners awesome stuff.   Looking forward to more successes.” 


“Woopeeeeee  Jason, Made £72 on Tuesdays Trades.  Keep them coming. I’m at £402 and climbing back up.” ED

“Hi Jason, Hope you don’t mind your student (me) giving you updates. Over 150 pips over a wet bank holiday. May the pips be with you!”  Mike

“a good day… made 30 pips on each trade, total of 60 pips at £5 a pip that was £300.”  SB

“Great trade today – went in confidently at £3 per pip and took £63.” DM

“Just a short email to say thank you for the e- mails last week. I made money on Wed and Thursday but nor Friday because that is domestic day for Family/shopping. I am looking forward to this week” Pam

“I don’t have any query but I couldn’t leave it any longer to praise you for the alerts you send us members. Already you have really made a change in 
my life. Thank you so much”


“A great start to the week 90 pips in the bag and doubled my bank today”

“I stuck with GBP-USD as my first test yesterday, 24 hours +129 points and I am out. good stuff! 3 of these a week would make a huge difference, without watching the screens day and night.
” ER

“total accumulated pips count this morning is 289, that’s correct 289. Yesterday I managed 218 pips so a combined two day count of 507 pips.” RM

“did my first trade yesterday on GPBJPY lunch till tea lol 60 pips lovely all down to your guidance many more to come wooooooohooooooo.” PT

What a man you are Jason.” JC